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Posted By fathersez On February 20, 2008 @ 12:08 am In Uncategorized

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Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting my new premises.

Welcome, look around and make yourself at home.

There are still a number of boxes which are still being unpacked. I hope that none of the doors have been labeled wrongly or directional signs placed or pointed to where they should not. Maybe some screws and nuts may be loose, hopefully they will not bolt!

Once again, I must thank the young, enteprising and capable Danny and Phuah of [2] Simpleet Soloutions for having hand held me through this process of design and getting this new site up and running. Thanks a lot, guys!!!

I have also redone the blogroll. I benefited a lot from following the blogrolls of other blogs that I read and hope to keep adding on to this blogroll from time to time. I must also thank Brooke of Dollar Frugal for the inspiration given when she wrote her post on her [3] “insanely massive blogroll”.

Please let me know if I have made any mistakes in the sites listed or missed out your site by any chance.

I would also like to beef up my blogroll on fellow Malaysian bloggers who post on personal finance, motivation and self improvement. I have marked the Malaysian blogs in the roll with a **.

Please email me at fathersez (at) gmail.com if you know of any blogs that I should include. My thanks in advance.

Naturally, I would welcome and appreciate any comments you may have on the site.

Thank you



The picture is from Google. It reminded me of Air India’s famous welcoming Maharaja.

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