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What “branding” should we aim for as an employee?

Wednesday September 19th, 2007 by fathersez

Aja, my second daughter asked me an interesting question the other day. She asked me about what should be the quality she should get herself known or the brand that she should become in her career. 

This was a tough one. Employers do not “brand” employees, or do they? But thinking back, I have formed opinions about certain colleagues who have worked with me. This guy is like this, that girl is like that…etc. Perhaps a “branding” does form and perhaps it sticks. 

A story, told me by one of my best friends, Jeya, came to mind.  Jeya told me that he was once asked by another friend, for names of people who would be suitable for the position of Finance Director of this friend’s construction company.  

A few names were put forward. Then the other friend asked for the  most honest person of this group? And a name of one person came up immediately! Well, this guy clearly had the brand of “honest and capable.”  

And I told my daughter, “get yourself known as being dependable and a person of integrity”.  

All other qualities looked for by employers are learnable….technical skills, soft skills etc.  But our reputation for integrity…..it takes quite a while to build. 

As Warren Buffet said, “In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” Get Rich Slowlya personal finance blog that I follow has a good story on this branding. It features Michael Hyatt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the sixth largest trade book publishing company in the U.S. Michael lists “his responsiveness” as his branding or the secret to his success. Read the full story at : http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2006/05/24/the-secret-of-my-success/

Do you know of any person who has made an strong impression with his or her particular “brand”? Tell us your story. 

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[…] i.e. agriculture, and things which other people were not beating to the door to do. Third, he maintained his brand as “a person of integrity”. Fourth, he kept accurate records of his income and expenditure. Fifth, he saved […]

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