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Why not have regular, formal Family Meetings?

Thursday November 1st, 2007 by fathersez

Meetings are an important vehicle for human communication 

In a meeting, two or more people come together for the purpose of discussing a (usually) predetermined topic such as business or community event in a formal setting.

                                                                      Source : Wikipedia 

Most of us will agree immediately that communications is an important factor for families.  In fact, many families do have family meetings.  I am talking here about formal meetings, where the decorum and protocol of meetings (most of it, anyway) are observed.

Matters such as : 

-       Notices of Meetings. Family members are told in advance of the meeting, agenda and the venue and time. 

-       Appointment of Chairman and Secretary of the Meeting 

-       Minutes of Meetings are takenThe “Secretary” takes minutes of the meeting. 

-       Minutes of the previous meeting are read and approved as part of the meeting agenda. 

Our family has been observing this since 1992. Then our family consisted of our two elder children who were then 6 years and 5 years old respectively, my wife and myself. (I appointed myself as Chairman and was also the Secretary.) 

We have the minutes of the meetings, since our first family meeting held on the 26th April 1992. (Unfortunately, I did not note the time and venue of the meeting.) 

Since then we have had meetings that :- 

-         discussed the household chores the family members were expected to do,  

-         discussed locations for holidays, 

-         had an attendee who was 3 months old, (on the 10th April 1994, when our son was 3 months old) 

-         resolved children disputes, 

-         had my children’s cousins as “invited guests”, 

-         had a member who slept throughout the meeting. (On the 30th July 2000, when our youngest girl, Ain was a year old ).  

I take pleasure in going through the old minutes. The similarities of the shenanigans done by the two older girls and their younger sisters 10 years later are so glaring. 

Now Aja takes the minutes, though I am still appointed Chairman.  We find that this event of the “Family meeting” is fun. It also teaches the children about the formalities to be followed in conducting meetings.  

Every once in a while, the meeting turns into a “complain” or a “blame assigning” session, but by and large, it is a great way to promote family communications. 

How you tried this? Tell us about your experiences. 

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2 Comments for “Why not have regular, formal Family Meetings?”

by mrchildren23
On September 30, 2008
At 10:33 am

I can imagine that this family meeting will lead to a more harmonious n tolerance family…unfortunately my family have never done like your’s..even for a vacation(just got the info only days ahead without asking for our opinion)…n walla..it was still fun :)

On September 30, 2008
At 12:21 pm

Yes, family meetings can be fun. Perhaps the real power will come after the kids grow up and there is a clearly accepted system of discussing important family issues.

Thanks for digging into my archives. Hope you like what you read.


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